Common FAQ


Q:If we want to customized battery box ,would you help to find the manufactory?

Yes ,we can help to find the manufactory.

Q:Does the nimh battery have pcm?

No, it doesn’t built in pcm.

Q:Why some 18650 battery nominal voltage will be showed 3.6v ,not 3.7v ?

Usually the nominal voltage of import cell is 3.6v, this will have almost no impact on battery.

Q:How to handling the lithium battery pack?

Don’t handling Lithium Battery Pack with metalwork.Do not open,dissemble,crush or bum battery .Ensure good ventilation/exhaustion at the workplace. Prevent formation of dust.lnformation about protection against explosions and fires: Keep ignition sources away-Do not smoke.

Q:Can you provide free sample?

It’s depend on your order , if you place a large order , we would sent free sample to test .

Q:Can I choose the lithium battery brand by myself ?

Yes , we can do it according to your request.

Q:Can the alkaline dry battery assemble the battery pack?

Yes ,it can. But it belong to non-rechargeable. 

Q:Can we sign a secrecy agreement if we would like to build a long-term business relationship?

 Sure, we respect clients' requirements, will bring more benefit to you.

Q:How can I get the matched battery with our requirements ?

Firstly, we need to know the device, the working voltage range , the max continuous current, the peak current, the connector No.Since the more details you provided,the faster we could provide you with the corresponding products.

Q:As for the dry battery model , I don’t know how to choose. Would you help to recommend?

Yes , you can look for our product information on website ,it show all kind of dry battery information . 

Q: What's the lead time of the lithium battery charger sample?

It takes at least 15 working days 

Q:Does the nimh battery pack have PCB?

No , actually the nimh battery pack could not add PCB.

Does the lithium cylindrical battery just only include 18650 battery and 26650 battery ?

No , we have all kinds of cells for your choice, like 32700 cell ,32650 cell ,14500cell, 18500 cell ect.

Can you provide the MSDS report of the lithium battery ?

Yes , we can provide the MSDS report which issued by our company . If you need it issued by test company ,the certified fee need to be paid by your side .