The new fast-charge warranty of Li-ion battery

Time: 2016-12-17
After years of research we think the right charging interval is relate to the recharging rate.  For aptotic chemical system, it will be affected by temperature and voltage, the recharging rate determines the fading rate and resistance increases rate in the cycle process of the battery. So our focus is on how to identify the speed of the irreversible reaction to charge the battery fast in this range without damage.
CATL introduces 2 ways to protection the battery at low temperature, the first one is to charge the battery in different temperature range. The second one is to use the hydro-thermal system to heat the cells at low temperature.
Similarly, the battery also needs to avoid the impact of high temperature because of the oxidation-reduction reaction, the higher the temperature, the stronger the reaction. To this CATL’s solution is to use the 3.65V low voltage system which anode is oxidation weakly, few side effects and slow speed. Besides, the water cooling can control the temperature to avoid the heat.

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