Our company got praise from the interns of Hunan Hengyang Normal University

Time: 2017-01-12
Monica Fong and Kay chan, the interns from Hunan Hengyang Normal University finished their practical work in our company on January 5th, 2017, they praised our company before leaving.
We got two interns do international sales from Hunan Hengyang Normal University dated July 14th of 2016. Mr. Xiong went to the train station to pick them up and waited until 10 p.m with patience, the two interns felt graceful and the first impression of our company was good for them. After joining our company, the learnt the products knowledge, company rules and culture, with the help and thoughtful kindness of colleagues and leaders, they joined the family quickly and finished the training plans seriously.
“After joining the company, I really felt the company’s passion of training efforts and the persistent pursuit of breed excellent employees. The general manager, Mr. Xiong took time to take to us face to face even though he was very busy, and he expressed his best wishes and warmly welcome to us. Liliang company take ‘people first’ as it’s management concept, place an emphasis on talents, and motivate employees with sales performance awards, which improves the working efficiency, thus to achieve the company development goal finally. During the training for new employees, we felt more warmth from Liliang family; With the professional interpretation and site practice, we knew more about battery and its composition more specifically. In order to help new employees learning faster, they arranged old employees help us as teachers. During the one to one learning, teachers helped us a lot, they taught knowledge in the training plans and leaded us to the workshop to view the produce progress of battery, which made us learning harder and faster”, said Monica Fong.
“Liliang company regulation is normative and integrated, employees obey it voluntarily, they dress smartly, passionate, active and working hard, it’s a basic character for a mature enterprise. Besides, Liliang company has a deep culture, there are a lot of activities such as team trip, morning meeting, speech contest, opening conference, dinner party, which help us grow up. And the morning meeting system manifests the charm of an enterprise culture, we learn new system, new knowledge together, summarize the works past and set up goals for future. Such things help employees know more knowledge and self-manage, and it’s also good for company benefits in the long run”, said Kay Chan.
Both Monica Fong and Kay Chan said that, after 4 months internship, they accumulated much more knowledge, learning, working and living substantially and happily. The infinite charm of Liliang company culture are growing in their mind. And they both want to become a member of Liliang company after graduated. 

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