The second speech contest of The Very Speaker ended perfectly at Liliang Electronics

Time: 2017-01-23

On the evening of January 20, 2017, the second speech contest of The Very Speaker was held at our conference room. General Manager Mr. Xiong Deming and Deputy General Manager Miss Jiang Hui attended the competition and served as judge. The eight competitors were from domestic sales department and foreign sales department. The aim of this competition is to improve the ability of teamwork, enhance the staff's speaking ability, charisma and self-confidence when communicating with foreign customers.
The contest began after the encouragement from host. Some competitors are humorous, some are calm and mature, and some are passionate. Everyone fully showed their superb oral expression skills and unique personality charm. The topic of Huang Fang is “Persistence is the premise of success”. She shared her own experience that she insisted on reading a book in a week when stayed at home for two months. Those suffering are always accompanied by our life. You retreat, you yield to the fate, and then you do not deserve to talk about tomorrow. Besides, the topic of Ashlee Peng is “keep moving”. She shared her cousin’s story that stop walking to enjoy his success when he reached his ideal goal. We can know from these two competitors that we must persevere with anything.


Winners of this competition:





The first place—Ashlee Peng

The second place---Guanjie Xiong

The third place----Spencer Chan

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