China University of Mining Got Important Achievement on Potassium Lithium Ion Batteries

Time: 2017-04-14

Lead: Guangyao Ma,a graduate student of China university of Mining  published a high level paper which provesthey can compound total phosphorus oxygen adulterate graphene material via a recyclingeconomical and environmental way and it can be used as the cathode material forpotassium li-ion battery.

The P and O atom admixturein the material could improve the electric conductivity of graphene,and thecontinuous thin film if formed makes the electricity delivery faster, in themeantime, The space formed by P and O atom could buffer the volume change ofthe grapheme during charging and discharging. Guangyao Ma told the reporter.


He wrote a paperbased on this research and republished on Journal of Materials Chemistry A.


Science Daily,April 13th 2017

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