Over 70% power bank have quality problem

Over 70% power bank have quality problem


According to an spot inspection report for power bank from Jiangsu bureau of quality supervision, the capacity values printed on the cheap power banks are much higher than the rated capacity they could reach.

Don’t always choose cheapest power bank!

Jiangsu bureau of quality supervision inspected 102 batches of power banks recently. Price is between RMB19 to 118 yuan. 

Most of the power bank capacity making outside are not true. Rated capacity of the lithium battery inside is the most important parameters of a power bank. According to the report, there are over 54 batches of power banks have capacity boasting problem. And there is a power bank which is marking with 7800mAh capacity, but the real max discharge capacity is only 2010mAh, the difference is too big! Besides, there are about 52 batches power banks has no capacity value marked outside, it's not reasonable.

So when you chooe power bank, don't always choose the cheapest one, you don't know how big the difference between the real rated capacity and the capacity making on could be. 

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