“Last mile” for Lithium battery standardization

“Last mile” for Lithium battery standardization


GB/T34013-2017《Specification of power battery for electric vehicle》and other three power battery national standard details were officially announced which push the standardization of lithium battery into the public view once again.

Recently, GB/T34013-2017“Specification of power battery for electric vehicle”and other three power battery national standard details were officially announced which push the standardization of lithium battery into the public view once again.

Although China's power battery industry is developing rapidly, the model of the power battery is too much and the size specification is not unified.Industry insiders said that there is no uniform production standards for lithium battery industry before, leading to the development of the entire industry chaos, showing "every family has standard, uneven quality". When the  specifications size of lithium product is released which will promote the production scale of enterprises and accelerate the standardization of China's manufacturing process.

Lithium battery standardization is the development of the industry context, "standardized manufacturing and large-scale manufacturing" are the fundamental way to reduce battery costs. But we still can hear different voice.

We know that some companies think that those several standards for are not practical. Only from GB/T34013-2017《Specification of power battery for electric vehicle》, some companies think that the single cell size standards don’t have significant promotion for enterprise development. Instead, it will hinder the development of enterprises, resulting in business waste.

Although there is voice of doubt, most industry insiders have realized the importance of standardization of battery manufacturing. But the actual implementation process is relatively slow. What are the difficulties in promoting the standardization of lithium battery?

The industry insider has summarized the following two reasons. Firstly, power battery industry is not yet mature, the enterprises can’t reach a consensus in selection, design, connection and other aspects for power battery. They have different understanding for standard. It is difficult to unify. Secondly, From the perspective of car enterprises, the choice of power battery is often based on the degree of mastery of battery technology and product positioning.Power battery has been passively formed with different types, models and other technical parameters.

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