Lithium battery technology revolution is coming, how long is the lithium-ion battery capacity life?

From: www.baidu.com
publisher: Elena Chen
Time: 2018-04-28

Nowadays, Smartphones are growing so fast that chiptechnology can even iterate every six months. Lithium battery technology hasnot been further innovated yet. Usually, after a cell phone used normally forabout a year, the battery capacity of the phone will drop to about 80%.

At present, the problem can only be solved byreplacing the lithium ion characteristics of lithium batteries, and recentlyresearchers,  at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, said they had invented a newtechnology that would restore the battery to 95%.

 Yazami, a professor at Nanyang East University, said theinvention could restore the battery to around 95% in 10 hours. An additionalelectrode is added to each lithium ion battery, and the third electrodedischarges the residual lithium ion from one pole to the other, eliminating theexcess "impurity content" stored in the battery.

At present, the technology has been successfully tested on aprototype. Professor Yazami also said that the invention will not only benefitthe mobile phone industry, but also improve the battery industry of electricvehicles. At the same time, from the perspective of environmental protection,it can also reduce the environmental impact caused by over consumption oflithium batteries every year.

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