Congratulations to Liliang Electronics Co., Ltd on winning the Certificate of recognition of High-tech Enterprise

publisher: Elena
Time: 2018-05-11

In 2018, Dongguan Liliang Electronics Co., Ltd. will set footon on a new journey. Recently, the company has received the certificate issuedby the science and Technology Department of Guangdong province, the financedepartment of Guangdong province, the State Tax Bureau and the local tax bureauof Guangdong Province, which formally entered the ranks of the nationalhigh-tech enterprises.

Over the past 10 years, Liliang has always held "hi techto facilitate new life" as the driving force and mission of the company.It has committed itself to independent research and development, independentproduction and independent sales. It has been a solid foundation for brandbuilding and intellectual property protection.

The success of our company is confirmed by high-techenterprises. It is the full recognition of our industry, society, technology,management, service level and innovation strength. In the future,  Liliang  will continue to introduce high-qualitypersonnel team, provide fundamental guarantee for independent innovation, paymore attention to independent innovation, management innovation, serviceinnovation, protection of intellectual property rights, enhance the corecompetitiveness of enterprise, continue to increase investment in scientificresearch and enrich the innovation of enterprise innovation, thus realizing thevision that our company become a leading enterprise  in the new energy field.

What is a high-tech enterprise?

high-tech enterprises refer to the enterprises in the highand new technology field, which is supported by the state. It supports theresearch and development and the transformation of technical achievements, to formthe core of the enterprise, and carry out the business activities on the basis ofthis, which is a knowledge-based and technology intensive economic entity. Theapplication for identification of high and new technology enterprise has strictconditions.



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