We formally start working today

We formally start working today


Due to the impact of nCoV, our CNY holiday is longer than usual, we officially back to work today, welcome to place orders.

Dongguan Sunshine.com issued a notice asearly as a week ago. The re-open time of enterprises must not be earlier thanJanuary 9, 2020. In order to combat the epidemic, our company set the open dateto today.

This morning, Mr. Jiang, the person incharge of the Personnel Department, held a meeting on how to prepare for theresumption of work and production, and arranged the specific work to therelevant departments. We immediately acted and carried out a comprehensivedisinfection of the company at the door of the company. Prepared a thermometer,disinfectant and mask, and set up an isolated observation room for backup, etc.Preparations were ready very soon, and the street office checked and told us weare approved to start work.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, lessthan one-fifth of the employees return to the company today. Despite the lackof manpower, we are still able to arrange production work, all workers begin tomake production for some unfinished lithium battery pack orders. Whether it isthe workshop or the office, everyone wears a mask, and a certain distance ismaintained between people, we expect the other workers at home are totally safeand could back to work soon. 

Ashlee Peng, February 10th, 2020