Grid-scale lithium-ion batteries gradually increase in the post-epidemic period

Grid-scale lithium-ion batteries gradually increase in the post-epidemic period


According to analysts, grid-scale lithium-ion batteries may be doubling in the United States, but due to the epidemic, the expected recovery of production lines will be delayed until next year.

A study conducted by London analyst IHS Markit pointed out how the large number of grid-scale battery energy storage currently launched in the United States will help the industry reach 15.1 GW/47.8 GWh in the intermediate stage. During the year, the investment will increase from US$4.2 billion this year to US$9.5 billion in five years.

Analyst IHS Markit predicts that energy storage will rebound this year after its first year-on-year decline in 2019. Although the epidemic has adopted state-level policies to ensure that the United States becomes the next global capital, the technology is still being gradually promoted for 5 years.

Especially in recent weeks, with the vigorous development of battery energy storage all over the United States, analyst IHS Markit has now joined the ranks of rising calls, predicting that this technology is essential to adopting this technology. Intermittent renewable energy has finally arrived. The end.

However, a forecaster from rival Britain, Interact Analysis based in Northamptonshire, also released news about the current operating conditions of the lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment supplier.

Although not necessarily inconsistent with IHS Markit's survey results, because rival analysts can only lead until 2023, Interact said that the expectation before the epidemic was that after the fluctuating 2019, the lithium battery equipment market will rebound this year. The public health crisis continued during this period.

According to related scholars, this year's recovery will be postponed to 2021, mainly due to the cooling effect of the epidemic on business investment and restrictions on employee activities.

Although scholars expect the recovery will only be postponed, the analyst predicted in his updated forecast that the market will still be slightly lower than expected before the epidemic in three years. Forecasts show that battery equipment suppliers are currently in a downturn. This year, the Chinese market will be 15.5% smaller than the already disappointing 2019, and will recover in 2021, with a year-on-year increase of 13.4%.

According to the analysis of the Micro Lithium Battery packs, although the forecasts are usually accompanied by heavy warnings, scholars predict that China will still become the leader of the global lithium-ion battery production line in 2023, although the global market share will drop from 62% last year to Europe and the Middle East. And 59% in the Middle East. During the same period, Africa’s market share expanded from 9% to 23%. In addition, in the four years to 2023, the Americas will also decline, seeing last year’s 19% market share fall below 10%.

Ashlee Peng