We Had a Li-ion Battery testing live show

We Had a Li-ion Battery testing live show


Our company held a live broadcast from 23:00 p.m last night to 1:00 a.m today, showing some test items of lithium batteries.

Jack Lee, Carry zhang and Ashlee Peng held this live show.  Carry is the host, Ashlee is the anchor, and Jack cooperates in the test. The live broadcast lasted two hours. 

Ashlee showed the audience the high-current discharge test, function test, and cycle test of lithium batteries. Through this live broadcast, I can tell you that the maximum single cell capacity of 18650 lithium batteries on the market is 3600mAh, not 4800mAh or Even 9000mAh, if marked by a supplier, they are all fake. Ashlee also taught everyone how to distinguish between good quality and bad quality when buying lithium battery packs in the live broadcast. At the same time, it emphasized: Never let the lithium battery be deeply discharged, otherwise it will damage the battery and seriously affect the cycle life.

We will arrange more live broadcasts in the future. The live broadcasts are currently available for viewing on the alibaba.com platform. More interesting lithium battery test projects will be displayed and we will teach you more knowledge about lithium batteries.

Ashlee Peng