R & D Center

R & D Center

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We spare no effort to organize a group of electrochemical elites with high aspirations. We not only have the R&D experts who have engaged in lithium ion battery for over twenty years, but also have postgraduates who have strong R&D capability and experienced engineering technicians. Besides, we set up a considerable strong R&D team with high starting point and high standard. The R&D center can design and complete a new product in three days and the customer satisfaction rate can be up to 99﹪or more.


In order to improve R&D strength and innovation ability, we take out 2 % of the total sales volume for R&D center equipped with a series of sophisticated equipment every year. Our research topics include high capacity, high rate of charging and discharging, overcharge and over discharge, the performance of additive, the influence of different material and formula on battery performance and cycle life, etc.


The R&D results are mainly used on medical equipment, industrial equipment, security protection equipment, power equipment, lighting, sound equipment, military equipment and consumer electronics, etc. Our R & D team and production team has a wealth of practical experience, this can greatly save the customer's procurement time and cost.

Battery display ark

Knowledge changes quality, talent improves taste.

  CTO:Deming Xiong

   who is engaged in battery industry for 22 years, 

   the founder of Liliang, the current CEO and lithium 

   battery business division Chief Engineer of Liliang. 

   the leader of strategic development team in Liliang.

   Senior Engineer:Jiuyu Chou

    Jiuyu Chou, who is engaged in electronic industry for

    25 years, Senior Engineer, custom lithium battery expert, 

    the current Engineering General Manager of Liliang,

   manages engineering tech in lithium battery business 

   division. The core member of strategic 

  Production Manager:Hanyang Sun

   who is engaged in lithium battery pack industry 

   for 6 years, has rich practical experience and is good

   at structure, the current Production Supervisor of Liliang 

   lithium battery business division.

   Head of Business Unit: Ning Lee

   Ning Li, who is engaged in lithium battery pack industry 

   for 6 years, has rich practical experience and is good at 

   technology, the current Sample Supervisor of Liliang lithium 

   battery business division.  

Aging equipments judge strengths and weaknesses, analysis instruments decide the fate.

60V/10A aging equipment

20V/6A aging equipment 

high-temperature aging oven

internal resistance instrument

constant current source

PCM tester


comprehensive test instrument