Company profile

Company profile

Brief introduction

“Found the nation and family effectively, understand people’s needs and self-ability appropriately”

Dongguan Liliang Electronics Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise which is set R&D, manufacture and sales in a body. We focus on solving lithium battery application problems for the global industrial users. Honest experiments、honest manufacture、honest service and honest humanistic spirit is the aim of our company. According to international standard, we consistently supply safe, environmental and economic battery with fast, accurate and reliable smiling service. We have been adhering to the operation and development idea of “pragmatic innovation, people-oriented”, which could help us realize the dream of being a leader in the field of new energy, thus we can maximize the benefits of clients and the social value of ourselves.


Our company moved to Building A, Wanjia Technology Park, NO.88, Yayuan industrial zone, Nancheng district, Dongguan city, Guangdong in July 2016. Liliang company was founded in 2006, we have established good cooperative partnership with nearly 1000 industrial enterprises. The three brands of Liliang(The figure of STAND in Chinese, POEAE and LiLiang in Chinese) batteries are mainly exported to the Europe, Japan, Korea, and China mainland, etc.  


In 10 recent years, we take “reach for high tech, convenience for new life” as an entrepreneurial motivation all the time, unswervingly insist to independent research, development, production and sales, have laid the ground for brand building and intellectual property protection, and we got some honors because of that. Every honor inspired all of the Liliang people who is keep guard against arrogance and impetuosity to create more superior quality on the way to stick to profession and nonesuch. The superior quality including better battery solutions, more high-quality lithium batteries, more on-time delivery, better after-sales service and more competitive price.


Our mission

Our sales and expert team will work with passion and selfless efforts to provide quality, efficient, personalized ,diversified, and international service for every customer, put customer's interests in the first place all the time, try our best to satisfy the customers ' demand. In a word, we are willing to work together to create a better future with an open mind and effective execution.




“Reach for high tech, convenience for new life”

We spare no effort to organize a group of electrochemical elites with high aspirations. We not only have the R&D experts who have engaged in lithium ion battery for over twenty years, but also have postgraduates who have strong R&D capability and experienced engineering technicians. Besides, we set up a considerable strong R&D team with high starting point and high standard. The R&D center can design and complete a new product in three days and the customer satisfaction rate can be up to 99﹪or more.


In order to improve R&D strength and innovation ability, we take out 2 % of the total sales volume for R&D center equipped with a series of sophisticated equipment every year. Our research topics include high capacity, high rate of charging and discharging, overcharge and over discharge, the performance of additive, the influence of different material and formula on battery performance and cycle life, etc.


The R&D results are mainly used on medical equipment, industrial equipment, security protection equipment, power equipment, lighting, sound equipment, military equipment and consumer electronics, etc. Our R & D team and production team has a wealth of practical experience, this can greatly save the customer's procurement time and cost.



“Excellent cells and PCMs , Strict technology and process”

“Totally Devoted,  Details oriented”

The monthly order execution rate can be up to 99% or more because of fast production and punctual delivery. Compared with the same industry, we have some distinct characteristics on production as follows:

1. Fully enclosed dust-free workshop.

2. We can strictly control the environmental temperature, humidity and dust in the production process.

3. We effectively improve the rate of certified products because of large-scale and automated production.

4. The principle of delivery inspection: 100% fully inspection

5. Proofing fast, faster delivery.

6. Continuous work for 24 hours.


Trademarks interpretation and story


This trademark is shaped like a jumper, which represents all staff has a positive attitude towards work. The red ball symbolizes the sun and the blue moon represents the sky. The yellow semicircle is a lever, means Liliangs employees grow up in an environment of mutual trust and mutual support. Yellow symbolizes harvest, green represents the earth. All of us have got so much through the tenacious struggle.



This trademark represents our original intention to establish the company---found the nation and family effectively, understand peoples needs and self-ability appropriately. Is theres anything more to explain, thats the ability of standing and surviving. As a member of the battery industry, we want to keep our feet grounded to the floor, leading battery business to a new trend


This trademark is comprised of five capital letters P, O, E, A, E, which represent below words:

Professional, Original, Explicit,  Active, Efficient.