Battery Encyclopedia/The difference between cells and batteries

Battery Encyclopedia/The difference between cells and batteries


Cell and battery that we say here is lithium cell and lithium battery.

2.Cell type

Classify by material: IMR,INR,ICR and LiFePO4 etc.

Classify by shape:  Cylindrical, Rectangular(soft package and aluminum Shell) and Abnormity etc.

Classify by discharge rate: normal and high discharge type

Classify by working temperature:  High-temperature Type and Low-temperature type.

3.The difference between cells and batteries

(1).Why we need to focus on the distinction?

As rechargeable battery, lithium-ion battery must combine with battery management system. Otherwise, it will lead to overcharge, discharge. Overcharge caused explosion, burning and over discharge lead to it can't be recharged anymore. If the battery discharges with large current or short circuit, it’s very easy to damage the battery, and even explosion, burning.Without battery management system, non-experts and non-professional equipment can not directly charge and discharge the battery . Battery management system is protection circuit module (PCM) which we usually say.

(2). How to distinguish between cell and battery?

The cell hasn't installed PCM, while the battery has installed PCM. It is worthy to note that even though the difference is very small, it’s very necessary in actual communication and application. In order to distinguish the difference visually, here we make a comparison with real objects.