Why there's a difference between battery's theory lifetime and practical lifetime?

Abstract: Generally, once the lithium ion battery has been produced, itslifetime is decided. However, when battery is working, its practical lifetimewill less than the theory lifetime.


The battery’s lifetime is decided by itsinner material and structure. The lifetime, which only calculated by innermaterial and structure, is called theory lifetime, and the real performancewhen it is working called practical lifetime. In general, practical lifetime isshorter than the theory lifetime, and it is caused by the non-working loss ofcapacity.


This loss is affected by below factors:

1.      The side reaction of lithiumion battery.

2.      The irreversible consumption ofbattery’s active material.

3.      For the large lithium ionbattery pack, its working current is high so it’s hard to dissipate heat, andthen damage the battery’s structure.

4.      If there is a safety protectsystem on the battery, it needs power, which provided by battery, to maintain.


The performance of capacity losing:

1. With the increasing of the cycle times,the charge time decreases.

2. With the increasing of the cycle times,the discharging platform lower, and the discharge capacity also reduce.

3. With the increasing of the cycle times, theself discharge of lithium ion battery increases.


The characteristic of lithium batterylifetime loss explains that the lifetime of battery is limited. To extend thelifetime, without doubt, we should consider from scientifically charge/dischargeand reduce the self discharge.


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